Platinum World Portfolios - International Fund

Fund Overview
Sub-Fund Name Platinum World Portfolios - International Fund
Investment Objective To provide capital growth over the long-term (generally 5 to 7 years) by investing 50% to 100% of its net asset value (at the time of investment) in undervalued securities of companies located anywhere in the world.
Key Investment Policies
  • The Fund's investments are not subject to geographical limits and may be located in emerging markets.
  • The Fund will invest primarily in equity and equity related securities that are listed or traded on regulated markets.
  • The Fund may invest up to 10% of its net asset value in unlisted securities.
  • The Fund's portfolio is expected to comprise approximately 25 to 150 securities that the investment manager believes to be undervalued.
  • When undervalued securities cannot be identified, the Fund may invest in cash, deposits and similar instruments.
  • The Fund may have exposure to bonds/debt securities through bond futures and convertible securities, but such exposure will not exceed 10% of the Fund’s net asset value at the time of investment.
  • The Fund may use financial derivative instruments (e.g. futures, options, swaps) to increase returns and/or for the purpose of efficient portfolio management (e.g. to reduce risk exposure).
  • The Fund may hold indirect short positions through the use of financial derivative instruments (primarily equity swap contracts).
  • The Fund may be leveraged as a result of using financial derivative instruments (including for indirect short positions), but such leverage will not exceed 100% of its net asset value.
  • The Fund's currency exposure may be managed through hedging instruments (e.g. foreign exchange forward contracts, swaps) and/or cash foreign exchange trades.
  • The Fund does not seek to undertake share class hedging for Share Classes E – H which are denominated in a currency other than the Fund’s base currency (US dollars).
Investment Style
  • Focused on undervalued companies and sectors.
  • Bottom-up portfolio construction through individual stock selection – weightings may vary considerably from recognised benchmarks and indices.
Base Currency US dollars
Reference Benchmark MSCI All Country World Net Index in US$
Authorisation Date 16 October 2015

Class A
Class B
Class C
Class D
Class E
Class F
Class G
Class H
Currency US Dollar US Dollar US Dollar US Dollar Euro Euro Pound Sterling Pound Sterling
Minimum Initial Investment US$500,000 US$100,000 US$500,000 US$100,000 €400,000 €80,000 £300,000 £60,000
Minimum Subsequent Investment US$25,000 US$25,000 US$25,000 US$25,000 €20,000 €20,000 £20,000 £20,000
Minimum Holding US$500,000 US$100,000 US$500,000 US$100,000 €400,000 €80,000 £300,000 £60,000
Anti-Dilution Levy (on entry or exit) 0.25% 0.25% 0.25% 0.25% 0.25% 0.25% 0.25% 0.25%
Base Fee 1 0.75% 1.40% 0.75% 1.40% 0.75% 1.40% 0.75% 1.40%
Performance Fee 2 15% Nil 15% Nil 15% Nil 15% Nil
Voluntary Cap on Total Fees & Expenses 3 1.00% 1.65% 1.00% 1.65% 1.00% 1.65% 1.00% 1.65%
Distribution Policy Accumulating Accumulating Accumulating Accumulating Accumulating Accumulating Accumulating Accumulating
Voting Rights Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Registered in the UK Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UK Reporting Fund Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes


1 As a percentage of the net asset value of the Fund attributable to the relevant Share Class per annum.

2 As a percentage of the amount by which the Fund outperforms the reference benchmark (after deduction of the Base Fee, but before deduction of any accrued Performance Fee). If the return on the Fund in any year is less than the reference benchmark, the difference for that year will be carried forward and applied against the subsequent year’s return for the Fund for the purpose of calculating a Performance Fee. The shortfall will be carried forward until a Performance Fee becomes payable. No Performance Fee can be paid unless all prior underperformance has been clawed back.

3 This represents, as a percentage of the net asset value of the Fund attributable to each Share Class, the maximum amount that can be paid out of the Fund to cover fees and expenses in a financial year, excluding Performance Fees, if any, that may be payable to the Investment Manager, but including any Base Fees and out-of-pocket expenses payable to the Investment Manager as well as any fees and expenses payable to the Custodian and the Administrator. The Investment Manager has voluntarily undertaken to reduce or waive all or a portion of its investment management fee or to make other arrangements to reduce the fees and expenses of the Fund to the extent necessary to ensure that the total fees and expenses in a financial year (excluding Performance Fees) do not exceed the stated levels. The Investment Manager may terminate or modify any such voluntary agreement at any time at its sole discretion upon thirty (30) days’ notice in writing to the Shareholders.


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